Monday, 29 February 2016

Oscars 2016: Red Carpet Style

After an exciting lead-up and much speculation, this year's Oscars ceremony finally took place last night, Sunday, 28 February. However, we are not only discussing Leonardo Dicaprio's win, or Sylvester Stallone's loss here at Vintage Modes, we have also noted 2016's red carpet style. This year is all about the bling! Diamonds, diamonds and more diamonds! 

Alicia Vikander, Cate Blanchett and Kerry Washington in diamonds on the red carpet.

For those of you who would like to capture that trendVintage Modes have a fantastic array of diamante jewellery and accessories.

Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery's wonderful diamante jewellery.

Vintage silver tone choker necklace, encrusted with faceted black and
clear diamantes. From Arabella Bianco.
Vintage silver tone diamante necklace in a beautiful swag design, from Arabella Bianco.

Of course we mustn't forget the gowns either..!

Bellville Sasoon 2 piece skirt and top, from June Victor.

1960s beaded chiffon dress. From June Victor.

1950s Lizzi Line ballgown. From June Victor.

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


In the March 2016 edition of Elle, vintage earrings from Gillian Horsup is featured in a photosoot.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

London Fashion Week 2016

As London Fashion Week nears its end, we take a look at the top shows, which were a mix of young talent and big guns, and highlight our favourite emerging fashion trends which we also discovered at Vintage Modes

Zig Zags & Stripes 

Peter Pilotto

Temperley London

1970s Gina Fratini dress, offered by June Victor at Vintage Modes

Graphic Floral Prints & Red/Black 

Markus Lupfer presentation

Margaret Howell
1970s Sid Green of London polo neck dress, offered by June Victor at Vintage Modes

Prints & Orange

Duro Olowu presentation

Left to right: Dion Lee, Adam Selman, Baja East, Veronica Beard and Altuzarra

1960s Velvet dress by Total Look  at Debenham & Freeman, offered by June Victor at Vintage Modes

Vivid Floral Prints
Orla Kiely

Painted velvet skirt and matching belt, 1960s, offered by June Victor at Vintage Modes

 Geometric Prints 

Peter Pilotto

Fyodor Golan
Vintage Yves Saint Laurent wool skirt, offered by June Victor at Vintage Modes

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Monday, 15 February 2016

Vintage Designer Costume Jewellery

Often made with bakelite, base metals, gold plating, faux pearls and glass gems, vintage designer costume jewellery has a unique look and does not appear mass-produced. From big rhinestone brooches of the 1950s, to mod chandelier-like earrings of the 1960s, to slinky gold chains of the 1970s, and the big-time baubles of the 1980s, vintage costume jewellery pieces have taken to the runways. If you’re on the lookout for vintage designer costume jewellery, keep brands such as the names listed below in mind, all available at Vintage Modes.

Best known for cosmetics, Avon began designing costume jewellery in 1963 as free gifts to go with their perfumes.  Avon started selling jewellery separately in 1965, but until 1970 most pieces were only available with an Avon product. After 1970 the costume jewellery became a separate section in the Avon catalogue, and could be bought on its own.

Vintage silver tone ring stamped Avon with turquoise bead and twisted rope detail, offered by Arabella Bianco

Marcel Boucher was a French jeweller who emigrated to New York in the 1920s. He studied under Pierre Cartier and in 1937 established his own company. His fine quality brooches often have several layers. When he died in 1965 his wife took over the company.

Vintage gold tone brooch by the French designer Bouche, c1960s, offered by Arabella Bianco

Bartek were an American company that designed for Napier in the late 1930s, before opening their own business around 1953.  Their quality jewellery was mid-century modernist and was inspired by the art deco period.

A selection of jewellery by Bartek, all offered by Arabella Bianco

Nicky Butler and Simon Wilson began their jewellery careers selling antique jewellery from London market stalls, and then opened a shop on the Fulham Road in 1972 marketing their own designs. By the 1980's they were selling all over the world. They are still in business today, selling their fine jewellery through the Butler & Wilson shop in South Molton Street, London.

 Butler & Wilson gold tone hand brooch, offered by Unicorn

The Carl Art jewellery company began in Providence, Rhode Island in 1936, and was founded by German immigrant Carl Schraysshuen and American businessman Arthur Loercher. They manufactured fine quality gold, gold-filled, and sterling silver jewellery. After his death in 1953 Carl's half of the company was sold by his wife.

Vintage Carl Art earrings, featuring quality triple rhinestones below two textured leaves, offered by Arabella Bianco

In 1946 Christian Dior opened 'Maison Dior' in Paris. It was not until 1950 however that Dior began to make costume jewellery to match his clothing collections. Always well made, Dior has been one of the most successful couture companies to this day.

Dior gold tone charm bracelet depicting various Dior perfumes - Dune, Poison, Miss Dior, Dolce Vita and one unmarked, offered by Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery

Ciner was founded in 1892 in New York City by Emanuel Ciner. The company is still in business today and is run by the Ciner family.  Ciner is known for high quality costume jewellery, and pieces have been worn by many celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor.

Vintage golden ball necklace and bracelet by Ciner, offered by Arabella Bianco

Monet was founded in 1929 by Michael and Jay Chernow in Providence, Rhode Island, and became one of the leading names in costume jewellery design during the 1940's. By the 1980's Monet was producing jewellery for Yves Saint Laurent, and is still a successful company today.

Vintage gilt, red and black bracelet by Monet, offered by Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery

Napier jewelry began in 1875 in North Attleboro, Massachusetts, U.S.A. as Whitney and Rice and 10 years later became E.A. Bliss Co. In 1922 it changed its name again to The Napier Co. The mark Napier in block has been used since 1922 until its sale in 1980 when items were marked in script. The company was bought by Victoria & Co. but closed down on 15 October 1999.

Vintage Napier gold plated and faux pearl pendant necklace, offered by Arabella Bianco

Beneditto Panetta emigrated from Naples, Italy in 1901 and after working for Trifari and Pennino set up his own company in New York in 1945. He made replicas of fine jewellery and the slogan of the company was 'if it didn't look 'real', it went back to the drawing board'. Jewellery was produced using the finest quality materials and limited production runs and was therefore always expensive. The company was sold in the 1980's and closed in 1995.

1950S Vintage faux pearl earrings by Panetta, offered by Arabella Bianco

Frank Pennino was another Italian who emigrated from Italy to found his own New York company in 1926. He was a master craftsman and used the finest quality rhinestones and crystals mounted in gold plate or sterling silver. Each piece was an exquisite imitation of the real thing. Pennino ceased trading in 1966, at which time all the jewellery moulds were destroyed.

Vintage Pennino Necklace and Earrings set, offered by Arabella Bianco

In 1949 Charles H. Stuart began a jewellery company which he named after his granddaughter Sarah Coventry. He began selling through home parties which lasted until 1984 when the company was sold. Sarah Coventry jewellery was not designed or manufactured in-house, it was made by other companies in Rhode Island.

Vintage Aurora Borealis and Amber Glass Ring by Sarah Coventry, offered by Arabella Bianco

Trifari was another talented jeweller who was born in Naples but emigrated to New York in 1902. Gustavo Trifari began his own business in 1918 when he met Leo Kraussman. They were joined by Carl Fishel, in 1925. In 1975 the company was bought by Hallmark, and since then has been taken over by several companies. In 2000 production was finally moved overseas which brought an end to high quality signed Trifari jewellery.

Vintage faux coral & pearl bracelet & earrings set, offered by Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery

Albert Weiss, a native New Yorker, began the company in 1942, and before closing their doors in 1971, produced some of the most beautiful and quality jewellery of the time. Although not as large as some of the other jewellery companies, the craftmanship was exceptionally high.

Vintage diamante clip-on earrings by Weiss, offered by Arabella Bianco

Thank you Arabella Bianco for the list of designers!

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Vogue 100: A Century of Style

This year is Conde Nast Vogue's centenary and to celebrate, the magazine will be running several special magazines, exhibitions and events. To kick off the celebrations, this Thursday, 11 February the National Portrait Gallery will be launching a new exhibition centred around Vogue

The 'Vogue 100: A Century of Style' exhibition will feature over 280 prints of Vogue shoots and covers, showcasing the fantastic range of photography that has been commissioned over the years. The prints on show will go back as far as 1916, when British Vogue was founded. A lot of the items on show have never before been seen by the general public.

Here at Vintage Modes we think it's an exhibition not to be missed, and to celebrate we're sharing our favourite Vogue shoots featuring our dealers!

Colourful costume jewellery from Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery is featured in February 2016.

Vintage costume jewellery from Arabella Bianco is featured in a Mario
Testino photoshoot with Sienna Miller in October 2015.

'Rainbow Babes' photoshoot featuring costume jewellery from
Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery and Linda Bee. Photography by Mario Testino. February 2014.

Vintage clothing and jewellery offered by Vintage Modes and Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery  are featured in the Halycon Days photoshoot. November 2014.

Vintage earrings, offered by Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery in a December 2013 shoot.

Kate Moss wears vintage earrings from Linda Bee and Vintage Modes
in a photoshoot with John Galliano. February 2014.

Costume jewellery from Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery and Linda Bee are featured in a photoshoot
shot by Mario Testino and starring Cara Delevigne & Suki Waterhouse. April 2015.

A necklace from Arabella Bianco is included in a photoshoot
featuring Chloe Sevigny in May2015.

Vintage diamante clip earrings offered by Gillian Horsup Vintage Jewellery are used in a photoshoot directed by Kate Moss in June 2015.

Vogue 100: A Century of Style
11 February - 22 May 2016

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