Thursday, 11 February 2010


This Art Deco necklace was made by the German Jacob Bengel factory and is stunning.  It is made in white metal with black and white galalith pieces.  See a full description on my own website  Look great with either a 1930's outfit or something contemporary.  I would love to wear it!  It is £185.  Ref.  421 B2/12.

Monday, 8 February 2010


If you like blue, this is great.  It is a light and dark blue stones collar necklace - stunning - the photo doesn't show it off.   1950 - 1960's I should think.  Look so good with a strapless dress.  Price £128.  Ref. 420 B1/16.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I have hardly bought anything since Christmas - but this I love.  It's an Art Deco necklace in green glass with gilt filigree beads and gilt bead caps and spacers.  So 1930's - and getting scarce.  I expect I say this about a lot of items - but it really isn't easy to find the best examples!  Think of me when you are lying in a warm bed and I am in a cold and draughty market somewhere!  Ref. 419 B1/40.  £88.

Art Deco Snakeskin Bag

I found this bag when I was travelling in South America and it is wonderful condition for it's age. The snakeskin is yellowish brown and black in colour and the inside is suede and satin. There is one pocket inside and the clasp is bakelite. £180.

Celine Jacket

A beautiful silk jacket by Celine. Single brested with one button and two small pockets. The jacket is duck egg blue on white, and is in perfect condition. £200.

Antique Persian Gold Broccade Coat

A wonderful 1950s evening coat made from antique Peruvian gold broccade. The coat is black satin. £220.

Pearl Coronet

This is a very pretty 1950s pearl coronet with a short veil typical of the period.

Gold Leather Clutch Bag

I was delighted to find this gorgeous gold leather evening bag. The leather is wonderfully soft and the asymetric diamante clasp means this bag (and it's wearer) will always stand out from the crowd! £140.

Aluminium Tiara on Comb

This is a marvellous early Victorian tiara coupling a brass frame and aluminium balls which is a very unusual feature. Currently out on an exotic Vogue shoot in Turkey but available to buy at the end of the month.

An English Lizard!

This is a beautiful bag in perfect condition. A lovely soft greyish colour the bag can be used as a clutch bag or handbag as it have a pretty long chain strap. £135.

Gold Chain Mail Evening Bag

A great evening bag, very glamourous yest still large enough for all your essentials. The chain mail is in excellent condition, the bag is lined and has a nice strap. £100.

Brown Velvet Mini-Coat

A lady from Hampshire brought in this stylish brown velvet mini-coat which belonged to her. It was purchases at Fifth Avenue on Oxford Street. It has a series of adorable square buttons and is very wearable.

Gold Evening Bag by Rodo

This evening bag is simply stunning. Brushed gold and lined in gold leather with a gold plated loop. The bag is stil large enough for all your evening essentials!

1920s Dress

Stunning red and black 1920s dress. The red velvet is a wonderful vibrant colour and there is pretty detail around the neck, £280.

Christian Dior Turban

Vintage Modes received this beautiful Christian Dior turban from a lady in Hertfordshire who brings us some lovely items to sell. It is in tip top condition and wonderful in bright colours on a white background.

Monday, 1 February 2010


For those of you that like the big cats - here is an Atwood & Sawyer necklace with panthers (or cheetas). Atwood & Sawyer no longer make jewellery - unfortunately - as it was always good quality. This is very Dutchess of Windsor in style - and it is in good condition. Price £58. Ref. 418 B1/14.

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